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If you have a radio with DAB+ reception (look for the DAB+ sign on your radio) then you should now be able to hear us across most of the Rutland and Stamford area! You may have to re-scan the available stations to see Rutland and Stamford Sound or the Rutland digital transmitter. To help us improve the service we would like to hear your experience of listening on DAB, either at home or in the car. We need feedback from people who do not have good reception, as well as from those who can hear us loud and clear. If you have tried us on DAB, please let us know.

There is more information about DAB+ here, at the DigitalRadioUK website What is DAB+? - Digital Radio UK (getdigitalradio.com)


First company awarded new Digital Radio Tick Mark – RadioTodayMost digital radios sold within the last ten years or so have been DAB+ enabled.The Digital Radio Tick Mark, left, indicates that your radio will be able to receive DAB+ broadcasts. These radios are backwards compatible with all DAB broadcasts. Older radios that are just DAB capable will not be able to receive DAB+ broadcasts.