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Sunday, 23 June 2024

  • 00:00

    Through the night

    More great music all night long

  • 07:00

    Sunday Breakfast with Graham Wright

    An easy hour of music to start Sunday, plus at 8:15am a Sunday morning thought from the local church community

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  • 10:00

    Sunday Morning with Tom Priestley

    Including 10 o'clock requests and birthdays and anniversaries at 10:20, plus the Sunday Connection after 11am. Can you work out the link between the songs?

  • 14:00

    Sunday Afternoon

    with Jon Hollis

  • 18:00

    Musical Directions

    with Gavin Ashley-Cooper. A spotlight on the stage from Rutland, Stamford to the West End!

  • 19:00

    The Sunday Session with Mick Meadows

    A show for people with a passion for music, including local music from the Rutland and Stamford area

  • 21:00

    The Quiet Storm

    Softer songs into the night

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